Exciting New Full Service Dive Shop in Key West!

Exciting New Full Service Dive Shop in Key West!

From Snorkeling to Technical Diving

From Snorkeling to Technical Diving

Whether you are just learning to snorkel or planning your next wreck dive,  our team will guide you in the right direction. Our store offers the best gear at the right price whatever your level of training is.
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Brands We Carry

Brands We Carry

oceanreef products
henderson divewear products
hollis scuba products
Shark skin products
hammerhead spearguns

Trident scuba products
Shearwater Products

Dive Rite Equipment
XS Scuba Equipment
Poseidon Products
Lobster League
JBL Spearguns Products
Catalina Cylinders
Suunto Products
Oceanic Gear
Kaplan Industries Products
ScubaJet Authorized Dealer

Diving Certification Classes

Diving Certification Classes

We provide NAUI dive certification classes for all levels, using a combination of classroom instruction, pool training, and open water dives with experienced instructors. Our goal is to ensure a safe and enjoyable diving experience while fostering a deeper appreciation for the underwater world.

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Explore the Depths - Coming Soon!

Our guided dives take you to some of the most beautiful dive spots in the area, including the vibrant coral reefs and stunning shipwrecks. You'll be amazed by the incredible diversity of marine life, from colorful fish to graceful sea turtles and majestic sharks.

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About us

Keys Tec SCUBA was founded in Key West, Florida in 2022. Tired of the COVID 19 Pandemic, two lifelong friends fulfilled a dream together.


Dan and Mike started diving in the 1970's and eventually became instructors. As long as Dan can remember, Mike has wanted his own dive shop. 


In 2022, Mike was a cancer survivor, a retired Police Offiicer and Public Safety Diver, while Dan was a retired SWAT Police Officer of 20 years.

Both were ready for a new chapter in their lives, so they decided to fulfill Mike's lifelong dream and open a Technical Dive Shop together.  The shop is focused on the best equipment at the right price.


We make sure you can rely on your equipment in any situation and most importantly, that it makes your diving experience a good one. 


Thanks for checking us out and we look forward to serving all your diving needs. 



Mike and Dan

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